The Difference of a Designer Who Loves Her Job

This is what sets me apart from my colleagues: I take ownership of my work which means I approach my job uniquely–with courageous creativity.

I have a willingness to experiment with innovation while successfully translating our clients’ needs. I love what I do and it's evident in the quality, energy and integrity in which I lead and execute with my team.

not to be confused with a work-a-holic

- Josie

“"What sets Grace apart from other designers is that she is very kind & caring. She treats people with respect and is professional at what she does.”

So they say

- Kaitlyn

“As a designer you have endless ideas and don't rely on knocking off styles which is so prevalent in this industry. I remember you were doing all these amazing and unexpected print mixing that really impressed me”

So they say

- Norka

“Grace is always detailed oriented, very personable and I'd say ambitious. Level headed and doesn't have an ego (In a good way).”

So they say

My Favorite Things

Traveling — and exploring without an agenda.

my happy place!

Disneyland. I grew up 10 minutes from here so it's basically my 2nd home.

Off-the-beaten-path. Dispersed camping, hidden trails, driving down unknown paths — these are what adventures are made of.

My Favorite Things

Dancing. In the kitchen, on a rooftop, in a cave, on a dance floor — as long as there's good music, lets go!

Baking — If I hadn't become a designer my life may have looked like croissants & cakes.

my alt. ego

Christmas! Christmas begins October 1st thank you very much and the tree goes up the weekend before Thanksgiving.